A Blizzard in Rose City

A Blizzard in Rose City
SW Portland, Oregon

Winter in Portland

SNOWPOCALYPSE 2016! When I think of the word snowpocalypse I don’t usually think of 2 inches of snow.. but Portland does. This Winter, Portland has seen more snow than they have seen in almost a decade. Portlanders at first were mystified by the fluffy flakes that replaced the cold mist they usually see in the Winter. The snow fell, once, twice, and then a third time. By the second time, most people were more than over it, but the third snowfall we saw was by far the most magical and earned the name Snowpocalypse 2016.

As you may know, Adam and I moved to Portland just 7 months ago, making this our first Winter in Portland. We moved from Burlington, Vermont which gets absolutely frigid in the Winter. Last Winter I was standing outside at recess (I was a teacher then) and I muttered to a co-teacher about how I could not wait to be in Portland so I could get a break from all things Winter. Well, of course this became a historical Winter in Portland. Three snow “storms” in 3 weeks that completely shut down the city and wrecked havoc. (I’m not kidding. Check out these videos. It’s MADNESS.) I found myself staring out the window saying “are you serious?”

Although the city was in chaos, I had an incredible time shooting in the snow. I doubt I will ever see Portland covered in a thick blanket of glittery snow again. So please, enjoy these glorious photos. I’m still in awe of them.


What does a snowpocalypse look like where you’re from? Is it several feet that you’re still expected to drive to work in? Or do you see sunshine and warm temperatures all year round? Share with me!