Relaxing Staycation At McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel

Relaxing Staycation At McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel

McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel

Soaking Pool, The Grand Lodge Hotel

This past weekend Adam and I indulged in a staycation at the McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel. The Grand Lodge Hotel is located along scenic highway route (Sip) 47 in Oregon wine country. A chance to get out of the city and into the country is always exciting. Thank you to McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel for sponsoring our stay. As always, all opinions are my own.

Sip 47

Partial Route of Sip 47, Oregon (source)

Oregon is the perfect place for wine lovers. Highway 47 (or Sip 47) is full of incredible wineries and businesses in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. If you find yourself in Oregon and are looking to find some wonderful scenery while you enjoy some of the country’s best wine, look no further.

McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel is a vital piece of the Sip 47 puzzle. Located in Forest Grove, The Grand Lodge Hotel gives you privacy while also being surrounded activities both withing their hotel grounds and outside of them.

The Grand Lodge Hotel – Not Your Ordinary Hotel

McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel, Forest Grove

McMenamins has over 50 locations throughout Oregon and Washington. Each location has its own individual style and flare. Pulling up to The Grand Lodge, my first thought was how sophisiticated the location felt. I’m used to their quirky locations, (for example their Kennedy School location) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But once we walked into the hotel, I knew I was definitely at a McMenamin’s location.

The Grand Lodge Hotel, Forest Grove

McMenamins is unlike any other hotel franchise I have ever stayed with. Usually, I opt out of staying at hotels because they don’t provide a unique experience. This is not the case with McMenamin’s hotels. Their locations stay true to historical ties within the building they occupy, but adds a McMenamins flare. You are never staying at the same hotel twice when you book with McMenamins.

After we completed our check in, the woman at the front desk told us we would be staying in one of their newly renovated rooms on the attic floor. She informed us to search for a secret passageway on our floor. The only clues she gave us were to try our luck pushing on walls and paintings. How many places have you stayed at that have a secret passageway?! I was already excited!

Exploring The Hotel

We grabbed our bags and started wandering around the gigantic layout of The Grand Lodge Hotel. The quick 4 minute trip to our room turned into a 15 minute exploration of the historic art, individualized room names, and colorful light fixtures found within The Grand Lodge hallways.

  the grand lodge hotel

Named after an author, a musician, or McMenamins historical figure, each room has its own personality. Our room for the night was labeled A Long Strange Trip, an ode to the band The Grateful dead.

Our room felt like we were staying at a cottage in the woods owned by dead heads who enjoyed the way things were in the good old days. Even the windows looked like cottages you would see in the illustrations of children’s books.

The navy blue walls had stenciled stars strewn across it and a couple of paintings dedicated towards The Grateful Dead. Something we noticed that wasn’t on the wall was a television! It added to the cottage vibe and I was excited to have no additional technological distractions.

the grand lodge hotel

On our way downstairs we started searching for the hidden passageways. I don’t want to give away the location, but I will give a hint! Look for the blue lights & a sugar skull. We found both a hidden room and a secret hallway that had riddles inscribed along the wall.

The Grand Lodge Hotel, Forest Grove

Food, Drinks, and Games

Ironworks Grill, The Grand Lodge Hotel

After we finished exploring the hotel we made our way to Ironworks Grill. The name comes from the iron detailed pieces that make up the bar and grill. I was disappointed by the lack of vegetarian options on the menu but our server & chef were very accomadating. I got the Ham & Brie sandwich (subbed ham for avocado) and thought it was delicious. Adam confessed that his meal was not very good. My favorite part of Ironworks was how beautiful it was. The copper plated tabletops, colorful and decorative lighting, and plant life sprinkled throughout the room were lovely to look at.

Ironworks Grill, The Grand Lodge Hotel

After lunch we made our way to Pat’s Corner, an indoor/outdoor pub with picnic tables, games, and live music Thursday-Saturday nights during the Summer. We picked out a picnic table and sat down with some McMenamins ales and a deck of cards from the bar. Once the sun started to go down we warmed up by one of the fire pits on the outdoor deck.

After a few drinks, we were ready for a change of scenery. We strolled over to the Dr’s Office, a basement bar with pinball machines, pool and shuffleboard tables. The name Dr’s Office comes from historical ties to the building. Before it was a bar, it was actually a dentists office!

I ordered a McMenamins Ruby Ale (it was delicious) and paid for an hour of shuffleboard. Our friendly bartender made sure we were never without a drink as we fiercely competed during our shuffleboard game (a sentence I never thought I’d say.)

the grand lodge hotel

We finished our game (I won, in case you were wondering) and found a live band playing down the hall from the Dr’s Office!

The Grand Lodge Hotel, Forest Grove

Catch a Movie Or Melt Away Stress

The Compass Room Theater, Forest Grove

After we stayed for a few songs, we thought about catching a movie in the Compass Room Theater. They offer to bring drinks and snacks straight to your chair before the movie. I love view and brews, but in the end, we opted to relax in the Japanese style soaking pool!

Adam and I enjoyed a few more drinks and spent the evening talking and gazing up at the stars. After an hour and a half, we couldn’t get anymore relaxed if we tried. The two of us dried off and walked back to the Ironworks Grill to take advantage of their late night happy hour. We ordered some sweet potato fries and took advantage of the board games found at the front desk. After a few rounds of Sequence and conversations with the friendly staff, we called it a night.

Having a day spent with such relaxing and replenishing activites felt amazing. Even though we didn’t know anybody at the hotel, the staff made us feel so at home it almost felt like we did!

A Cozy Monday Morning at The Grand Lodge

The next morning we woke up to a gray and rainy day. We ordered room service and listened to the rain hitting the rooftop while we waited for breakfast to arrive. Along with our breakfast came a complimentary issue of The Oregonian. We read it together as we sipped on our coffee. Unfortunately, neither of us enjoyed the food we ordered. But honestly, the food was the only downside of our stay, and it didn’t bother us all that much. It also helped knowing McMenamins uses local and regionally sourced products. Their eggs even come from their residential laying hens!

The Grand Lodge Hotel, Forest Grove

Japanese Style Soaking Pool

Mustering the energy to get ourselves out of bed was hard. We wanted to make it to the soaking pool one last time. Lucky for us, we had the whole pool to ourselves! The rain must have scared other guests off, but we thought it made our time in it even better! Wading among the pool we relaxed for our final hour at the Grand Lodge Hotel. Surrounded by rose bushes and moss covered trees, we almost felt like we were in another country. It was a morning very well spent.

the grand lodge hotel

Soaking Pool, The Grand Lodge Hotel

Thank you again to McMenamins and their incredible staff! We are looking forward to the next time we stay at The Grand Lodge Hotel!